Peaceful Mama Birthing provides HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education, Doula Birthing Support, Postnatal Support, and a variety of classes to the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado community. Childbirth can be a joyous and magical experience, free of fear and trauma. Our goal is to provide women with the resources and encouragement needed to have calm, controlled, and empowering births!

Peaceful Mama, Katy Iengo, is a HypnoBirthing Certified Educator (HBCE)

Peaceful Mama, Katy Iengo, is a HypnoBirthing Certified Educator (HBCE)


Katy Iengo, HBCE

Katy Iengo is originally from Palm Springs, CA but has been a resident of Fort Collins, CO since 2005. She attended Colorado State University with a focus on Biology/Zoology and a minor focus on Music. She worked in the veterinary field for more than 6 years, then began using her science background in a new field: brewing! Katy worked in Quality Assurance and Environmental Health and Safety at New Belgium Brewing Company for 5 years. In 2011, Katy found out she was pregnant with her daughter, Elly! As modern western society shaped her view of birth, she was terrified and searched for birthing classes that could minimize fear. Thankfully, she stumbled upon HypnoBirthing! She was able to have a successful, natural, beautiful birth that made her fall in love with the power of the female body. In April of 2017, she had her second successful HypnoBirth, bringing her son, Pete, into the world! She has since served as a Doula in dozens of other HypnoBirths. Now, Katy has decided to follow her passion and share the gift of HypnoBirthing with more women throughout Northern Colorado by offering classes and Doula services! You can reach Katy via email at

My Birth Story


April, 2017. I was having pre-labor contractions for about a week before labor started, mostly at night, and was already dilated 2cm. Then on Thursday morning I was woken up around 4:30am with a mildly painful surge. Then another ten minutes later, and after the third one I knew it was real labor. The sensations were mostly in my back. I filled my birthing tub, turned on my essential oil diffuser and HypnoBirthing Affirmations, turned off the lights, then got in the zone! I labored in the bathroom for a few hours on my own, enjoying each surge and remembering how to use my breath. I played the Rainbow Relaxation and Affirmations twice, then put on my birthing playlist. This time was incredibly special and it gave me a chance to go inward and feel exactly what my body was doing. For example, I followed the "pain" in my back and realized it was actually my pelvis opening, which made the sensation less painful and more productive! Around 10am I emerged from my bathing cocoon (my skin was starting to sluff off!) and checked in with my husband, Pete, and doula, Ali. They'd been there since about 8am, feeding me oatmeal and green smoothie in the tub. The weather was nice so we went into the backyard and enjoyed the sun. I kicked a birthing ball around between surges and used it during a surge. I eventually got bored and hungry, so we packed up the car and went to Restaurant 415 for lunch! Funnily enough one of my midwives was there and she couldn't believe I was out and about. My surges were about 5 mins apart during lunch. I ate a salad and Mac n cheese. So good! I mention all the food because I'm certain it gave me invaluable strength later on. After lunch, we walked to Mugs and got tea. We walked around old town for a bit, and when my surges started to get closer (about 4 minutes apart) and last longer, we decided to go to the hospital.  

They checked me into a beautiful room with a tub around 3pm. At around 3:30pm, my midwife came to check my dilation to ensure I could be admitted and I was at 3cm. In no way was this discouraging as my labor up until this point had been, and I say this seriously, super fun! I think it was my body's way of easing into it. I was proud to have dilated 1cm in such an awesome way! That said, her performing the vaginal check really got the juices flowing and things started to speed up. I hopped into the birthing tub and did some laboring in there. The surges started to get more and more intense, so I added a lot of low growling and other noises. Anytime I started to focus on pain instead of progress, I'd return to my breath and making those noises louder and lower. 

I didn't really feel like I needed much from Pete and Ali, other than the standard water, honey stick, cold wash cloth, positive words. It felt like a very solitary labor, in a good way. But having them there for that support was so needed!!

I went in and out of the tub, did some labor laying over the back of the bed, hanging off of Pete (we called it slow dancing), and on all fours. The last time I went into the tub, my water broke, the surges went to a new level, and I went even deeper. It was like I was literally in the womb with my baby. I suddenly felt the need to get out of the tub and as soon as I did, my surge changed and I felt the need to "push" at the end. It wasn't actually pushing, but more my body bearing down I think. I went to the bed and used the squat bar, telling Pete and Ali "I think I'm close". The midwife checked me and I was at 8cm. She said "not quite", and my next surge caused me to bear down completely. Her tone quickly changed and the room began feeling more active. People getting lights out, pulling medical trays from every cabinet, the midwife putting on gloves and scrubs. Then she said "OK Katy, it's time!" I smiled for the first time in hours and said "I can go?!" Pete and Ali smiled too and everyone encouraged me to breath my baby down. In 5 breaths and only a couple actual light pushes, baby Pete entered the world!!! I went from 3cm to him being born in only 5 hours. 

It was such a deeply empowering experience. One I attribute solely to HypnoBirthing. If I ever looked distressed or tense, Pete and Ali would say "limp and loose" or "you're so relaxed". It never got old, and it ALWAYS brought me back to focusing on my body and my baby. It was hard work, but I used each surge as an opportunity to be more alert and in tune with my body. I will always cherish the feeling of completely owning my body during that process. 

Again, I want to shout from the rooftops that labor doesn't have to be miserable and scary! It's hard and intense, but in the most beautiful way possible!! I'm so excited to hear more stories about how my clients incorporate HypnoBirthing into their labor as each one is so different and magical. Just remember that you are WARRIORS and your body has a purpose for each sensation. Don't run away from it. Run toward it and move with it! You are powerful beings!

Love and light,