Doula Birthing Support


Doula Birthing Support 

A birth doula is a trained childbirth expert, offering emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and the immediate postpartum period. She has expertise in a variety of coping strategies for the different stages of labor, utilizes different laboring positions to help facilitate labor progress, has familiarity with the common medical interventions and pain-medication options, and is often knowledgeable about natural alternatives, such as acupressure, aromatherapy, massage, etc. My expertise will focus on the HypnoBirthing methods taught in my classes, which are included with my Doula services. Please email to inquire about pricing options. 


Prenatal Support

o   I will be available to you via email and phone throughout your pregnancy to answer questions, offer support, provide resources, and help you and your companion approach labor and birth with a sense of calm and confidence. Around 32 weeks into the pregnancy and after the completion of a childbirth education course (I strongly encourage clients to take my HypnoBirthing® class or a series of comparable significance), we will meet in the comfort of your home to:

  • Discuss your pregnancy and address any questions or concerns

  • Discuss your hopes and address any concerns about labor, delivery, and motherhood

  • Review your options for labor and birth (pain management, routine procedures, etc.)

  • Draft a birth plan based on your birth wishes to share with your providers

  • Understand best practices– in pregnancy and labor– for optimal fetal positioning to ensure easier birth

  • Learn and practice a variety of techniques to help you achieve comfort and ease during labor

  • Discuss your breastfeeding goals and address any infant feeding questions or concerns

Labor & Delivery Support

I will support you in early labor over the phone and will join you in person whenever you request my presence. With one-on-one continuous care, I will be with you for the duration of your labor and for up to two hours postpartum.

During labor, I will:

  • Provide you with physical, informational, and emotional support

  • Help to ensure that your partner is actively involved in supporting you, to his/her comfort level

  • Help to facilitate clear communication between you, your partner, and your clinical care providers

  • Help ensure your birth preferences are valued

  • Ensure that you are an active participant in your childbirth experience

  • Help to maintain a calm, quiet, and soothing birthing environment

  • Ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, emotionally and physically

  • Help you navigate any special circumstances, offering informational support so that all of your decisions are fully informed

  • Ensure that breastfeeding gets off to a good start


Postpartum Support

As your Doula, I also offer support during the transition into the postpartum period. Within two months of the baby’s birth, I will come to your home to help process the birthing experience, support your recovery, and offer my expertise as needed. I can also perform any household tasks or errands that may seem overwhelming in the moment.