HypnoBirthing Services

Childbirth can be a joyous and magical experience, free of fear and trauma. My goal is to provide women with the resources and encouragement needed to have calm, controlled, and empowering births!


Group Class  

Peaceful Mama Birthing offers the 12.5-hour HypnoBirthing childbirth course every month in Fort Collins, CO. Sessions are typically held on weekend mornings or weekday evenings for 2.5 hours. The series is for you and Birth Companion and can be taken at any point during your pregnancy.

In addition to the HypnoBirthing philosophy and techniques, in this comprehensive childbirth education program you will learn what questions you should be asking your provider at your prenatal visits, what to expect from the different stages of labor, how to best prepare for a hospital birth, best practices and positions for optimal fetal positioning, a variety of laboring positions, how to best navigate any special circumstances should your labor venture off-course, and evidence-based practices for early newborn care and breastfeeding.

Classes are taught by Katy Iengo, who brings a uniquely personal element to the class. Having used the method herself for her two births and drawing on her experiences as a mother and birth doula, Katy will prepare you and your partner for birth with honesty, humor, and a wealth of passion. You will leave this class with a renewed sense of calm, confidence, and excitement as you anticipate the birth of your baby. Typically open to a maximum of 5 couples.

Class Cost: $350

Private Class  

These classes provide the same information as the group classes, but are much more intimate and tailored specifically to your needs. They can be held in your home or mine, and can occur on whatever day and time that works best for you. These one-on-one classes provide more in-depth, unique hypnosis sessions and can be used to prepare for a more individualized birthing experience.

Class cost: $600